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AIR SERVICES, INC.’s personnel have a proven track record in general construction and will be providing the same quality and professionalism to future clients that have been exhibited throughout their careers. As an emerging small business, AIR has looked for every possible way to facilitate growth and provide you, the customer, the best in technical experience and construction professionalism. To assist in our growth and expansion of our capabilities, we have created a relationship with Bold Concepts, Inc., a construction management-consulting firm in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Bold Concepts’ personnel have extensive experience within the local construction arena, including numerous government agencies.

AIR has access to resources (computer systems and personnel with invaluable experience) that otherwise would not be cost-effective for a company of our present size. Our relationship with Bold Concepts, Inc. allows our construction division personnel to provide you with the experience and resources of a proven successful company while maintaining the tenacious, quality-conscious attitude of a growing firm striving to establish an excellent reputation. AIR feels that this is a winning situation for everybody, especially our clients.